Monday, November 10, 2008


Twilight by Stefanie Myer definitely is the book with the highest circulation in our library right now. And for good reason- it is just plain fun to read. A true page turner. The movie is due to break at Midnight on November 20. Will Edward and Bella live up to the vision that readers have in their minds? How will the movie compare to the book? Come to the IMC after school on Monday, Nov. 24th to discuss your thoughts about the movie and the book.


  1. Wow I loved the book Twilight!! It was so amazing! The movie was of course not as good though. Love B.A.A.!

  2. I have read the first twenty pages and I at a few points almost found myself laughing. If this is how all girls think, I am glad I don't have to give birth. Bella Swan over-announces all of her happenings and tries to flood and brainwash all of our minds with her sob story that becomes more and more of an attempt to impress the reader, but only gets more oppressively (or reppressively) boring and annoying. Perhaps a lot of this pessimism is partly contributed from my scorn of fads and pop culture, but seriously, preluding a melodramatic teen horror romance novel with the famous biblical line from Genisis is putting up a lot for itself. I, for one, would feel totally let down if I read it without knowing about its popularity and impact on the tragedy that is pop culture, but as I already know about its "fadism," I'm not and instead was reluctant to read it and was not very surprised. Still, "poor me," but "poor them" more.