Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Scout's Honor

I am Scout by Charles Shields is the biography of Nelle Harper Lee, famously known as Harper Lee the author of To Kill A Mockingbird. That book, and the movie, are definitely on the list of my personal top 10, so I was curious as to what I could learn about the author and what insights would be revealed towards this classic work of fiction. I knew that To Kill a Mockingbird was based on Harper Lee's life, but to what extent I was not certain. The book is a young adult companion book to Mr. Shields book, Mockingbird, a biography for adults. Reading this book gave me new insights into the importance of the book as well as to Ms. Lee's life and why things are as they are in the book. I highly recommend this as a quick read and to better understand To Kill a Mockingbird.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Endless First Chapter

We spend so much of our day reading- blogs, tweets, IM's, texts, posts- yet when it comes to sustained reading, that is, an in-depth article, research paper, or a book, we seem to get distracted so easily. Michelle Slatalla, columnist for the New York Times, laments that she too, found herself unable to get through a single page in a book,Homer and Langley ( available in the IMC) which was highly recommended by her friends. It turns out, sustained,deep reading is something that needs to be practiced. " Without books, I am starting to feel mentally flabby" she complains. But, thankfully, by PRACTICING her reading , each day she is able to focus and maintain her attention for longer periods of time, ADDED BONUS: she has rediscovered her passion for immersion in a book- and is no longer" mentally flabby" Read the entire article click here

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Catching Fire

I thought that this was even better than the first in the series. The emotion leaps off the page and you truly feel with the characters; Gale's sense of betrayal, Peeta's love, Katniss's fear. There were so many twists and surprises that it keeps you guessing until the very end. As with Hunger Games, the end is a major cliffhanger and annoyingly unsatisfying! I, along with everyone else who's read this book, cannot wait to read the next one.

Be Afraid!

I just began reading The Monstrumologist and it is like Cirque Du Freak on steroids. The horror is chilling, and I am telling you, very very disturbing. You definitely want to make sure to lock your doors before you pick up this book. Reserve your copy now! Click here to view a video preview