Friday, December 11, 2009

The Endless First Chapter

We spend so much of our day reading- blogs, tweets, IM's, texts, posts- yet when it comes to sustained reading, that is, an in-depth article, research paper, or a book, we seem to get distracted so easily. Michelle Slatalla, columnist for the New York Times, laments that she too, found herself unable to get through a single page in a book,Homer and Langley ( available in the IMC) which was highly recommended by her friends. It turns out, sustained,deep reading is something that needs to be practiced. " Without books, I am starting to feel mentally flabby" she complains. But, thankfully, by PRACTICING her reading , each day she is able to focus and maintain her attention for longer periods of time, ADDED BONUS: she has rediscovered her passion for immersion in a book- and is no longer" mentally flabby" Read the entire article click here

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