Sunday, January 17, 2010

Truly, Madly

Heather Weber's first book in the Lucy Valentine series is the best chick-lit book I've ever read. She's created the perfect mix of adventure, mystery, romance, comedy, and magic. Lucy Valentine comes from a long line of aura-readers, people who can see the color of the energy surrounding people. By matching people's aura colors, they've become very wealthy in the matchmaking business, but Lucy has denounced her family's trust fund for her and decided to make it on her own. She lost the aura-reading gift when she got electrocuted at 14 and can now only found lost objects and feels she doesn't deserve the money. The plot twists and turns and it's definitely a quick-read. In one word the book was adorable.


  1. Thanks for the post- I just added this book to my next book order. I firmly believe that the best recommendations come from the kids at Wheatley.

  2. She's coming out with another book in the series, Deeply, Desperately. This summer I think.