Friday, March 19, 2010

My favorite search engine

Doing a research project is not easy. The easy availability of information on the internet has made it easy to access content, however, the quality of the content in not necessarily reliable. And quality of course, is what separates a good research project from a great one. If you have not yet tried Finding Dulcinea I highly reccommend it. They market themselves as the Librarians of the Internet- essentially, they have scoured the web for the highest quality content that you can rely on for your research. While I too, love Google, I know I have to be meticulous in investigating the creator of the information. With Finding Dulcinea, I can focus more on the content and not worry about who wrote it. Check it out- it can only help. Here is a blog posting about how Finding dulcinea works, vs. Bing and Google. I can also highl recommend their hints on how to best approach a research project.

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