Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Book Club first of the season!

The B.A.A. (that is Book Addicts Anonymous for those uninitiated about our acronym)selected The Compound as our first book of the season. Our President, Natasha< came to me after she had read it in one sitting and said "WOW!". Well, I could not agree more. A page turner, set in the very near future, will keep you guessing from the get go! Essentially, a family is forced to live in an underground compound that was designed to sustain them for 15 years in case of a nuclear attack. Our hero, Eli, begins to have suspicions about his overzealous father- why is he so controlling? Why can Eli sometimes get Internet access if the world has been destroyed? What secrets does his father really have? Read The Compound if you want to get totally absorbed in a psychological thriller.

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