Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wheatley Authors

Do these published authors look familiar to you? If you have been at Wheatly for at least a year, they should. Former students, professionally known as A and A Andrews have self published a book, The Will of the Chosen.(The A's stand for Andre and Andrew) It is a fantasy with a message to YA readers. The book was written over the past two years, ( that means they were 11th graders when they started) and according to the authors, it has been a wonderful journey. There is a website and a you tube video featuring music by another former Wheatley student(Sharif). We are fortunate enough to have multiple copies in the IMC for your reading pleasure. The book is also available for purchase on Amazon and I DOWNLOADED MY COPY to my Kindle. The authors will be here for the midterm experience to discuss how they self published their first book, so reading the book before they get here will greatly enhance your experience. I am off to bed now, Kindle in hand, to start reading!

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