Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Help: A field trip

Before even the first official meeting of the Wheatley book club, we had our first field trip. Off to Roosevelt field for a viewing of the movie, The Help. A dozen students met at 11:30 am, Caitlyn with cream cheese in her handbag ( don't ask!) and celebrating the birthday of James ( HBDAY!) to screen the movie of the book many had loved. Our assessment is , it delivered as a movie, but was lacking so much of the depth that the book delivered. We discussed racism in the south as portrayed in the movie, as well as how racism still exists today- on Long Island, Hispanic immigrants often suffer from the hate and ignorance of their fellow men. After the movie, off to lunch at Nordstroms Cafe, a hidden gem that Nicole turned us onto. We left each other at 4PM  and vowed to do it again!

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