Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maximum Enjoyment! Maximum Ride

Hello - I cannot believe I did not read Maximum Ride until now. So many of you have said " Mrs. Roberts- read this book" but sadly I did not heed your advice for whatever reason. I really should have listened- I LOVE THIS BOOK! Great characters and a page turning plot make for maximum enjoyment. I hear that there is a movie in the works, which is too bad - it just couldn't be as good as this book. In a nutshell, 6 kids, ranging in age from 6-14 are living science experiments- their DNA has been recombined with avian DNA so they appear to be "normal" but they have bird qualities too, that is they can fly. They live on their own, and a brand of mutant evil "erasers" are out to kill them. Their adventures and emotions are so realistic, I feel as though Max, the main character(her full name is Maximum Ride) could walk into the IMC at any moment. She is a caring and funny leader of her "siblings" and her personality draws you right into her adventure. Please please please,,,, READ THIS BOOK!

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  1. This series is awesome!! Very addicting and fast page turning series. I can't wait for the movie and the recently confirmed 8th book Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel coming in 2010